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A metaphor is born

Recently I interviewed someone who underwent spiritual awakening about half a year ago and has been living "on a spiritual high plateau" since. He gave a very simple description of his state: It's as if something I had been constantly projecting out and thus creating a constant distortion of reality, he said, I suddenly stopped projecting. So I'm the same and the world is the same, but the distortion is gone.

I asked him about different aspects of the shift and his current stage - sensual, embodied, emotional, cognitive, relational, volitional. When I asked him about his sense of "who was driving the car", he came out with an original metaphor.

"Do you remember the story about how Donald Trump tried to grab the limousine steering wheel during the January 6 Capitol riot, and when his head of security told him he couldn't go to the Capitol shouted 'I'm the effing president, do as I tell you!'?" - he asked. "Well, I have an angry Trump in me who thinks he is still the president and sometimes tries to grab at the steering wheel. But the head of security won't let him."

We both burst out laughing.

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